Planning an Easter Egg Hunt for All Ages

The yearly Easter egg hunt can be a fun way to interact with the entire family – no age restrictions required! With some thoughtful, creative touches, it is easy to make this tradition an enjoyable activity for all.

For the little ones: Little ones as young as one or two years old may want to participate in the hunt right alongside the “bigger kids.” To keep things fair for the littlest ones, assign each child a color egg to hunt for, making sure to have an equal number of eggs for each child. Hide eggs for the younger children in open areas that are easy to spot. Older children will enjoy the challenge of having to search for their eggs – be creative with hiding spaces such as behind books on a bookshelf, tucked into low tree limbs or even slipped inside of the mailbox.

Fill eggs with an assortment of age-appropriate treats such as candy, stickers and rubber duckies for the little ones and lip balm, action figures or even money for the older children.

For the teens: Teenagers may not be interested in hunting for their own eggs, so enlist them in helping to make the day special for the little ones. They’ll enjoy the new responsibility – especially if they have a basket of chocolates, gift cards and other teenage-friendly items such as nail polish or phone cases waiting for them.

Prior to the hunt, ask teens to help fill and hide the eggs. During the hunt, pair teenagers with one or two of the youngest children – toddlers may lack the fine motor skills to open eggs on their own, and preschool-aged children may need help finding their eggs.

Artistic teenagers may also enjoy helping the younger children with craft activities after the hunt. Ask teens to draw coloring pages for the little ones to color in or to help young children to decorate sugar cookies with colorful candies.

For the adults: Adults will enjoy watching the children play, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have their own fun. During the children’s Easter egg hunt, have a variety of Easter baskets filled with gourmet treats for the adults to nibble on. Mrs Prindables has a full selection of ready-to-give Easter baskets for all ages filled with treats that any guest would love.

As dusk approaches, set up a flashlight Easter egg hunt for the adults. Split guests into teams, each with one or two flashlights and 30 minutes to find as many eggs as possible. The team that finds the most eggs can win a special prize, such as bottles of wine or restaurant gift cards.

Creative thinking and a bit of planning are all it takes to construct an Easter egg hunt that family members and guests of all ages will want to repeat year after year.