Five Ways to Celebrate Mom

Mom is the center of the household, the expert at supporting her family and the shoulder upon which everyone leans. Brainstorming ways to celebrate this extraordinary woman can be a daunting task. Instead of reinventing the wheel, give mom back the time and love she doles out so freely this May 10th with these five Mother’s Day celebration ideas:
  1. Serve breakfast in bed. This is a classic favorite for a reason. Whether her favorite breakfast treat is pancakes, fresh fruit or a hot cup of coffee, every mom appreciates starting the day with a thoughtful and well-planned Mother’s Day breakfast. Be sure to do your own grocery shopping for her favorite foods, and make sure everyone in the family has a role in preparing the breakfast – even if it’s keeping mom company while you put the finishing touches on the meal.
  2. Make a homemade gift. Whether a card, a photo book or a grand painting, mom loves to see you put your creativity and talents to use. After all, she is your biggest fan! Making a gift that takes time and effort to create is a personal and memorable way to show Mom your appreciation.
  3. Bring Families Together For the mom who shies away from the spotlight, host a combined celebration of moms, aunts and grandmothers. Invite everyone over for a light lunch, serving dishes such as finger sandwiches or our White Gazpacho recipe.
  4. Pick a favorite destination. Show how much you love spending time with mom by picking a favorite bakery, store or movie theater and sharing an adventure with her. The destination can be a tried-and-true favorite, or a new location you both want to explore. The goal is not to be extravagant or complicated; focus instead on giving the gift of time and your undivided attention.
  5. Plan activities for the family. For the mom who plans every moment of the day, give her the day off this Mother’s Day by organizing meals, activities and (happily) doing chores. Make sure everyone pitches in, and be sure to spend time with mom while you give her the day off!
The deserving mom in your life is sure to love spending time with her family. Pick the celebration ideas that fit her best and show your appreciation by sharing the day with her this Mother’s Day.