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22 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Christmas


There’s no better time to give than the Christmas season. Buying or making presents for friends will surely put a smile on their face.

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for the people near you this season, here’s a roundup of fun and simple presents to consider.

  1. Homemade snacks or desserts: From a plate of Christmas cookies to a flaky apple pie, you can’t beat the appeal of something homemade.
  2. Packaged delectable: To take the dessert idea up a notch, purchase some packaged luxuries such as Christmas Tree Milk Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels or a Triple Chocolate Nutcracker Jumbo Caramel Apple to bring your friends.
  3. A container of hot chocolate: Even store-brand hot chocolate feels special when topped with a festive bow and a personal note.
  4. A bag of local coffee: Celebrate your city and give your friends some great drinks to boot when you bring a bag of locally made coffee.
  5. A box of popcorn: Whether microwavable or gourmet, popcorn is the perfect, scrumptious gift for sharing with friends.
  6. A bottle of olive oil: Every home can use more olive oil, especially if the people in it like to cook. Pick a bottle of good-quality oil, add a bow to the front, and stop by the friends’ house to bring special season’s greetings.
  7. A carton of ice cream: Pick up a container of your friend’s favorite ice cream flavor (or peppermint for a seasonal choice with mass appeal) and sweeten his or her holiday season.
  8. Chocolates: People may have different tastes, but most will appreciate the appeal of gourmet chocolate. Even something as simple as a box of Assorted Four-Piece Chocolate Covered Caramels is hard to resist.
  9. A homemade gift basket: Pick up some simple, inexpensive boxes, bins or baskets, and fill them with fun foods and trinkets perfect for the season. Whether you go with a theme or just select items you enjoy, it’s sure to be a hit.
  10. A professionally made gift basket: There are all kinds of elegant gift baskets available today, from boxes of fruit to a Christmas Tree Forest Caramel Apple Tray. Shop our selection of holiday gifts at Mrs Prindables for inspiration.
  11. Little luxuries: From lotion to bubble baths, anything that gives someone a chance to indulge is always welcome.
  12. A blanket: Help your neighbors warm up this winter season by bringing a cozy throw.
  13. A candle: Find a well-made, attractive candle with a seasonal scent like cinnamon or pine and bless your neighbors with some extra ambiance this Christmas.
  14. An ornament: Everybody can appreciate a fun, new ornament made or picked with love. Bonus points when you find an ornament that fits your neighborhood or hometown, celebrating the tie that binds you.
  15. A gift card: Whether it’s $10 to a coffee shop or $25 to a boutique, a gift card is a great way to share goodwill at Christmastime.
  16. Seasonal kitchen towels: Shop around, and you’ll see there are all kinds of Christmas-themed towels, not to mention pot holders, etc.
  17. Cookie cutters: The season of baking is the perfect time to try new cookie cutters, so surprise your neighbors with a fresh set this year.
  18. A quality cutting board: Even a small, but well-made, cutting board makes a great gift for your neighbors at Christmas.
  19. A board game or puzzle: Give the gift of hours of entertainment with a game or puzzle that your neighbor can use during the holidays.
  20. A poinsettia or other plant: Fresh flowers and greenery are always in style, so find some seasonal plant that will brighten your neighbors’ home.
  21. A s’mores kit: Whether presented in a mason jar or a gift bag, package graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to give your neighbors all the ingredients for homemade s’mores.
  22. Christmas potpourri: Combine cranberries and an orange with cinnamon sticks, cloves and nutmeg in a jar to create Christmas potpourri for your neighbors. Include a note that describes what’s inside and instructs the recipient to warm on the stove with 3 cups of water for a seasonal scent.

When it comes to giving gifts to friends, forethought can go a long way. Pick an idea from the list above to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them.

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