Our Famous Caramel


Caramel is simply sugar and dairy that is cooked down until it has thickened and developed a golden-brown color. It has a rich, buttery flavor and should be silky, making it perfect for dipping or pouring.

Why is our caramel unique?

Our caramel is special in that it tastes exceptionally rich, a result of using only simple, high-quality ingredients, including real bourbon vanilla, premium heavy cream and a touch of salt; there are no preservatives. Because we use the finest ingredients available, our caramel has the perfect amount of chew without sticking to your teeth, as well as the ideal depth of caramelization, creating a beautiful golden color. 

Mrs Prindables caramel is also made in small batches, cooked in copper kettles with the same classic technique we have used for over a quarter of a century.


The abundance of cream in our caramel is what gives it a softer texture. Soft caramel is preferred over harder caramel, with less cream, for Caramel Apples to create an easier, more pleasant eating experience. Soft caramel also helps balance the textures in our Caramel Apples, creating a nice contrast to the crisp, typically, Granny Smith apples we use and the bounty of toppings covering our apples, like pecans, milk chocolate pieces, and toffee.

While we recommend storing your caramel treats in the refrigerator, it’s best to enjoy them at room temperature, so the caramel is perfectly soft. If you’d like to cook or bake with our individually wrapped caramels, you can heat them in a pan over a low flame to prevent any scorching or burning, until just melted. You can also heat the caramels in a double boiler to melt them more gently.

What is the difference between caramel and toffee?

Toffee is the result of cooked sugar and butter that is typically poured onto a flat so it can harden and be cracked into pieces. Caramel, on the other hand, is cooked sugar and dairy (typically heavy cream) that is simmered until it has a soft, thick, consistency. With toffee, the sugar is cooked to a higher temperature; our toffee is cooked to 300 degrees, versus our caramel, which is cooked to 240. The secret to great toffee is getting it to the right temperature without adding any cream.


How long will our caramel stay fresh?

If stored properly (refrigerated), our wrapped caramels typically stay fresh for twelve months or longer. Chocolate Covered Caramels can remain fresh for up to six months. You can also typically freeze chocolate covered caramels, but we suggest letting them come to room temperature before removing them from their wrapping. High heat and humidity can cause caramel to get sticky or develop a grainy texture.

Why does caramel crystalize?

Caramel can develop sugar crystals if it is overheated, stored improperly, or if it has been sitting around for too long, creating a graining, unpleasant texture. When cooking caramel, if all of the sugar is not dissolved and some grains are left, it can also cause caramel to grain over time. Some more experimental cooks intentionally grain their caramel for additional texture.

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