Caramel Apple Wedding Favors & Gift Baskets

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Groom Jumbo Caramel Apple

Model # 1931511

Black Tie Caramel Apple 2-Pack

Model # 1930815

Black Tie Caramel Apple 12-Pack

Model # 1932401

Groom Jumbo Caramel Apple Set

Model # 1931526

Heartfelt Caramel Apple 4-Pack

Model # 1930851

Heartfelt Caramel Apple 2-Pack

Model # 1939090

Party Time Caramel Apple 4-Pack

Model # 1930847

White Chocolate Pretzel Twists

Model # 1933237

Classic Caramel Apple 8-Pack

Model # 1930811

Premium Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1930407

Nut-Free Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1980108

Signature Truffle Tube, 5-Piece

Model # 1936034

Grand Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1939008

Classic Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1930496

Party Time Caramel Apple 12-Pack

Model # 1930862

Thank You Caramel Apple Gift Tray

Model # 1930570

Indulgent Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1930462

Colossal Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Model # 1930402
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Wedding Caramel Apples

When you’re looking for just the right parting gift for your wedding guests, is there anything sweeter than using Caramel Apples for wedding favors? Impress your friends and family, and set your special day apart by giving individually wrapped edible wedding favors everyone will enjoy. Our Gourmet Wedding Caramel Apples are as elegant as they are decadent — no matter what style or variety you choose. You can even give them a more personal touch by customizing the labels with your names and/or your wedding date. To explore the possibilities for gourmet wedding favors, browse our selection — and find just the right Wedding Candy Apples to make your day unforgettable.

The Decadent Indulgence of Caramel Apples

Each individually wrapped Gourmet Caramel Apple from Mrs Prindables is a handcrafted delight, offering the indulgent luxury of fresh Granny Smith apples, smooth and creamy caramel, and toppings such as premium chocolate or nuts. That’s why, when you choose gourmet candy apple wedding favors, you give your wedding guests the perfect gifts — award-worthy confections that become the finishing touches for your big day.

Choosing Gourmet Bride and Groom Caramel Apples

A Gourmet Caramel Apple not only makes a great wedding favor, but it could also be a welcomed bridesmaid or groomsman gift — something special to say thank you to a loved one who has spent time and money to be at your wedding. Likewise, Wedding Gift Baskets for the bride and groom are the kind of wedding gift that any couple would enjoy.

Our Wide Selection of Caramel Apples for Weddings Favors

Whether you give the newlyweds our two-pack of Jumbo Caramel Apples — decorated with a chocolate tuxedo for the groom and white elegance for the bride — or you award every member of your wedding party a Caramel Apple on your wedding day, you’re sure to make a sweet impression. There are many ways to enjoy your gourmet caramel apples for weddings, but the best way is to slice and serve, whether eaten individually or as a group. Browse our catalog above to learn more about our Custom Label Milk Chocolate Walnut Caramel Apple 12-Count Case, for example. Purchase the Congratulations Caramel Apple Tray to send someone wedding wishes from far away. We have so many Caramel Apple Wedding Gift options available to you!

For large caramel apple wedding favor orders, custom orders or the best in personalized service, contact our wedding specialists today at 888-215-1100.

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