Food Contract Manufacturing

Also known as “co-manufacturing,” contract manufacturing is simply when a company hires another company to aid in the production of their product line. It’s important for organizations to turn to contract manufacturers when they either don’t have their own production facility, workforce, or necessary equipment, or, their facility isn’t large enough to meet the current demand. Outsourcing production with contract manufacturing is also a practical way to reduce operating costs.

Applying 35 years of Experience to Meet Your Co-Manufacturing Needs

While Mrs Prindables is known for producing and selling delicious Gourmet Caramel Apples and a variety of confections to consumers as well as supplying larger retailers, we’re also an SQF Level 2-certified food contract manufacturing company, providing co-manufacturing services to businesses across the U.S. from our Chicago area-based facility.

Unlike our contract food packing, or co-packing, services where we manage the packaging of your product, contract manufacturing involves us in the actual production of your product. Examples of what we've done for companies include taking an existing product that was delivered to us and enrobing it in chocolate, caramel, or both, as well as producing a product from start to finish. To give you a sense for our production capabilities, these are the products we manufacture on a regular basis:


Caramel Products

  • Caramel Apples
  • Caramel Dipped Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
  • Chocolate Covered Caramels
  • Wrapped Caramels
  • Truffles
  • Toffee
  • Turtles


Chocolate-Covered Products

  • Pretzels
  • Caramels
  • Truffles
  • Pretzel Twists 
  • Cookies

How Contract Manufacturing Works with Mrs Prindables

We can handle as much or a little of the production process as you need. Once you’ve determined how you would like to work with us, we will assess the labor, materials, and time it will take to execute your vision and then provide a proposal. We can establish an NDA to guarantee your work with us is completely confidential. From there, we will deliver samples, and refine the execution of your product, to ensure you are pleased with the final result.

Take a look at this recent chocolate contract manufacturing example>>

Food Safety, Quality, and Consistency are at the Forefront of our Business

The Mrs Prindables reputation relies on the quality and safety of our products. To protect our customers, we have long strived be a leader in food safety; we are SQF Level 2-certified and receive top scores from inspections for our food safety and HAACP programs by nationally recognized independent food safety auditors. We use the finest ingredients and establish the processes necessary to guarantee consistency in the taste and presentation of the products we produce.

We are continuously researching ways to strengthen our practices and adopt new technology to make sure the safest, highest quality, and most consistently produced products are delivered to customers.

Interested in discussing our manufacturing services further? Contact us:

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