Contract Manufacturing - Case Study


Large-scale candy company creates innovative product utilizing contract manufacturing services from Mrs Prindables.

For this Chicago area-based candy company (“the Company”), opportunities for growth are galvanized by their ability to innovate. Walmart had asked them to pitch a new everyday modular item and they presented the concept of a chocolate-dipped marshmallow pop incorporating their flagship product. Walmart was sold on the idea, however, being that the Company did not make chocolate products or possess enrobing equipment, they needed to work with a contract manufacturer to help develop and produce their new marshmallow pop.

In addition to addressing their production needs, when selecting a contract manufacturing partner, the Company needed to be sure they were getting maximum value from the marshmallow pop. Also, because they are renowned for superior-quality products, the marshmallow pop had to be produced with high-quality ingredients.

“It really came down to the quality, that’s what we’re known for and it was important for our partner to use quality ingredients, like real milk chocolate.” - Director of Sales, the Company​

Because the Company has supplied ingredients to Mrs Prindables they were aware of our enrobing capabilities and impressed with our innovative products. Also, having grown up in the Midwest, the management team had personal experience with our sister brand, Affy Tapple, and the reputation it has for creating high-quality products. Thus, the Company chose Mrs Prindables as their contract manufacturing partner and the initiative to collaborate on this new marshmallow pop began. After a few iterations, the marshmallow pop concept materialized into the product the Company had envisioned. They appreciated how easy it was to develop their new product with the Mrs Prindables team, who ultimately helped them create an inventive, high-quality, chocolate-dipped marshmallow pop, while getting maximum value for their retail customers.

“The Mrs Prindables team has been great, they are easy to work with, pay close attention to detail, they’re flexible, and are reliable when keeping to an agreed upon production timeline.” - Director of Sales, the Company​

This new brand innovation has since earned the Company positive attention from other customers. They have expanded their marshmallow pop retail sales from Walmart, to HEB, HyVee, and Food Lion. In addition to gaining traction with additional retailers, the marshmallow pop is outselling two other items the Company had launched at Walmart at the same time. They are confident the success of the marshmallow pop will lead to further growth and a strong close to the end of the year.

“Our brand is now getting better national exposure. Thanks to the launch of our marshmallow pop, we were able to pick up added distribution. We’re competing with other large brands and these specialty items are the products that really get us attention from buyers.” - Director of Sales, the Company​

Across all customers, the Company has sold far more marshmallow pop units than anticipated, resulting in significant incremental retail sales within less than a year.

The Company is excited to explore additional product ideas with Mrs Prindables in the future, who they look to not only as a contract manufacturer, but a creative consultant providing suggestions for high-quality, innovative products that will help them stay relevant and keep the retail buyers excited.

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