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More than 30 years ago, our caramel apple company began with an indulgent invention. Using only the finest ingredients — orchard-fresh Granny Smith apples, creamy homemade caramel, premium nuts and the best-quality chocolates — Mrs Prindables created a unique and decadent gift unlike any other: Gourmet Caramel Apples. These delicious, addictive Caramel Apples grew in popularity, and, over time, expanded into a whole collection of irresistible Confections and fancy Gift Baskets now offered from our brand.

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Packaging is beautiful, caramel apples are massive & taste is sheer perfection.

Mrs Prindables Gourmet Caramel Apple Gifts

Any time is the right time to buy Caramel Apples online, thanks to all the beautifully themed gifts available at Mrs Prindables! With a diverse catalog of everything from spring baskets to holiday trays, our Caramel Apple company specializes in sweetening all the seasons with the best in Gourmet Confections. Surprise someone with a decadent birthday gift. Offer individually wrapped, bridal-themed Gourmet Caramel Apples as wedding favors. Order Caramel Apples for a party, keep some on hand for a red-letter dessert or send a basket to mark a celebration —the possibilities are endless when you come to our Caramel Apple online store!

While we began as the Gourmet Apple company that originated dipping orchard-fresh apples into homemade caramel, the Mrs Prindables brand has expanded greatly. Building on the heritage of our original Gourmet Caramel Apples, we now offer a full range of decadent treats and gifts. All our products share our signature exquisite presentation, beautiful packaging, unmatched quality and mouth-watering goodness, brought to you by the Caramel Apple company famous for premier gourmet dessert gifts. When you want to send Gourmet Caramel Apples to anyone, anywhere in the U.S., Mrs Prindables online store is the place to go. Order online today!

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