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Mrs Prindables Easter Gifts for Kids

Between the sweet treats, bright colors, and fun imagery, it’s easy to get egg-cited over Easter presents, whether you’re a kid or adult. Especially now, holidays can serve as a bright spot to our normal routines; many of us are looking to make the most of these special occasions, taking the opportunity to reach out to family and spoiling kids or grandchildren with sweet surprises. However, with loved ones living far away or if you’re too busy to hit the store, it can be necessary to find alternatives for sourcing your Easter gifts.

When you can’t celebrate Easter with family in person or would like to take a shopping trip off your to-do list, it’s practical to have your Easter gifts delivered. With a little research, well-crafted Easter gifts can be found online and scheduled to arrive on your or your loved ones' doorstep. 

We’ve taken the liberty of doing some of the legwork for you and formed a list of our top gift choices. The ultimate Easter gifts available for delivery draw on the traditional Easter themes you’d expect, but also offer something unexpected to surprise your family with a gift they may not have seen before. Read on for our best Easter gift ideas for kids!

Our Top 10 Kids’ Easter Gifts to Have Delivered

The best Easter presents for kids celebrate the whimsical nature of the holiday; they’re typically colorful, cheerful, and riff on the traditional Easter fanfare. When shopping online, you have access to an amazing variety of Easter-themed products that perhaps you couldn’t source locally. We encourage you to take advantage of this when having your gifts delivered by focusing on Easter gifts that offer something special. 

From edible Easter gifts to activities the family can enjoy together, here is our list of the top kid’s Easter gifts that can be purchased online and delivered:


1. Filled Easter Baskets – The Easter basket is the epitome of Easter gifts. You can have an Easter gift basket delivered that’s designed specifically for kids and filled with a variety of delicious goodies, including more unconventional items like Easter Caramel Apples. When planning your celebration at home, arranging an Easter gift basket delivery will save you the time of assembling your own baskets, freeing up a few more minutes to spend with family or enjoy all to yourself!

Egg Painting Craft Kit
Source: maisonette.com

2. Easter Craft Kits – For kids with an artsy side, an Easter-themed craft kit can provide a creative outlet while simultaneous celebrating the Easter season. These kits often include supplies needed to produce colorful decorations, like the Egg Painting Party kit above from Maisonette. We like that it includes wooden Easter eggs to paint and bedazzle with all kinds of baubles, for something more long-lasting than the traditional Easter eggs. It’s also fun for all ages as well as boys or girls.

Knit Easter Bunny
Source: melangecollection.com

3. Plush Easter Animals – Especially for younger kids, plush toys like bunnies or chicks are classic Easter gifts. They’re soft, cuddly, the perfect buddy to accompany your kids on any Easter adventures. For a plush gift that’s charming and more unique, Melange Collection offers handmade, knitted stuffed animals created by artists around the world.

Bunny Dress up Kit
Source: merimeri.com

4. Easter Dress up Kits – Easter is an ideal occasion to encourage kids to delve into their imaginations; while they receive treats from the Easter Bunny, it could also be fun to dress up as the Easter Bunny, fluffy tail and all, like with the bunny costume above from Meri Meri. Not to mention, it would be incredibly amusing to watch all your make-believe bunnies hopping around the yard.


5. Easter Gift Sets – When shopping for multiple kids, you can find sets of presents that can be divided up between each child or tucked inside their individual Easter baskets. Caramel Apple Gift Sets like you can find at Mrs Prindables often include beautifully designed gift boxes as well, so you don’t have to worry about the wrapping.

Ride on Wooden Bunny Toy
Source: tenderleaftoys.com

6. Wooden Easter Toys – It’s hard to top a classic wooden toy; they’re usually well-made and come in all types of toys and designs, from games to life-sized play sets. Wooden Easter toys can also encourage physical activity, like the rideable rabbit above from Tender Leaf. This comes especially handy if your kids have extra Easter energy to burn.

Bunny Baby Blanket
Source: potterybarnkids.com

7. Easter Blankets & Bedding – Soft bunny-themed blankets are an ideal Easter gift for babies and toddlers, like the one above from Pottery Barn Kids. For older kids, Crate & Barrel also offers an adorable rabbit-patterned throw pillow with matching sheets. No matter the age, festive Easter bedding is the perfect thing to curl up with on a cool spring night.

We're Going on an Easter Egg Hunt Book
Source: Kayla Rochelle. lowermanhattan.macaronikid.com

8. Easter Books – From Easter stories to coloring and activity books, there is a wide selection of Easter books available online. They make great gifts because you can read them with your kids or encourage them to read to one another; it’s something fun you can enjoy as a family. We especially love the colorful illustrations in the book, “We’re Going on an Egg Hunt,” which can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit
Source: orientaltrading.com

9. Easter Egg Hunt Kit – Of course, the pinnacle of the Easter activities is the Easter egg hunt. This is the optimal Easter gift for entertaining the whole family. You can supply the kids with clues and even baskets to decorate, while you hide the eggs and place the signs. The Easter Egg hunt kit above from Oriental Trading even includes festive hats and decorations, then all you need are the eggs.

Triple Chocolate Painting Bunny Caramel Apple - Mrs Prindables

10. Easter Toy & Treat in One – We’re always on the hunt for gifts that provide instant gratification for kids but also include something they can enjoy for years to come. At Mrs Prindables, our Jumbo Caramel Apples are often accompanied with a seasonal ornament perched on top, like our plush Painting Bunny. Once the giant Gourmet Caramel Apple has been devoured, your kids will still have an adorable Easter toy to play with.

Where to Buy Easter Gifts

There’s been a recent influx of online food and gift companies; the key to choosing where to buy the best Easter gifts for delivery is selecting companies with reliable reviews and robust social followings to see how they engage with customers should an issue arise. 

To ensure your order arrives in time for Easter, we also recommend selecting a delivery date that’s a few days before Easter, in case there are any shipping delays. 

No matter which Easter gift you choose, have fun exploring the variety of unique gifts that can be shipped to your door from across the country, including from Mrs Prindables. We would jump at the chance to provide your kids or grandchildren with a sweet Easter gift. Mrs Prindables offers an array of Gourmet Caramel Apple gifts as well as Caramel and Chocolate Confections. Browse our selection of delicious Easter Gifts for delivery today!

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