5 Tips For Selecting Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Love

So many details go into wedding planning. From food to flowers to cake to photography, and more, the process can be overwhelming. Yet there’s one more item to add to that list — wedding favors.

As you probably already know, wedding favors are small gestures of appreciation to thank guests for attending your special day. While couples might choose to forgo these gifts, it’s a personal decision. Keep in mind, though, many of your loved ones probably went out of their way to attend your wedding. Not to mention, most of your guests have likely given you a gift.

If you opt for favors, how do you know where to begin? The options seem endless. Look no further — here are five tips to help you select a wedding favor that will surely bring smiles to guests’ faces.

  1. Is it something you would want? While it may seem obvious, consider this question: As a guest, would I be excited about this wedding favor, or would I leave it on the reception table? Don’t invest your time and money with mediocre favors.
  2. Is it useful? Guests don’t want another knick-knack that will go straight to their junk drawer at home. Consider something that serves a purpose, such as a small candle that complements your wedding colors, homemade soaps, edible favors or cocktail shakers.
  3. Embrace the seasons. If you’re still stuck, take advantage of seasonal elements. Here are a handful of ideas: For winter weddings, send guests home with cocoa mix or a beautiful ornament stamped with your wedding date. For autumn, present friends and family with white miniature pumpkins or bags of potpourri mixed with cinnamon and clove.
  4. It’s all in the details. Some festive cellophane, an elegant satin ribbon … it’s all about presentation when it comes to packaging those parting gifts. Adorn your wedding favors with delightful details. They’re the final touch to make your small gift even more special.
  5. Send guests home with something sweet. What better way to say thanks at the end of the night than with a little indulgence? Think decadent caramel truffles, chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, caramel apples enrobed in nuts and chocolate, or individually wrapped bags of toffee. Your guests may be so tempted that they'll sample their favors on the way home. Consider that a success!

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