A Foolproof Guide To Buying Your Neighbor A Gift

A Foolproof Guide To Buying Your Neighbor A Gift There’s nothing like a small gift to warm feelings between neighbors — no matter if it’s at the holidays or any other time of year. Build bridges with the people who live near you by taking time to give thoughtful presents.

Welcome new neighbors to your community by bringing a box of chocolates. Say congratulations to the man next door when you hear he gets a promotion, and bring a small, but meaningful gift. From marking occasions to just saying hi, there are endless opportunities to greet your neighbors with something special.

To inspire you with ideas of what to bring the people in your building or on your block, here’s a foolproof guide for buying neighbors gifts.

Start by Thinking About the Recipient

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. In fact, what makes something special is often the thought behind it, not the price tag. If you know anything at all about your neighbors — their interests, backgrounds, likes or dislikes — use that information to select gifts they’ll enjoy. Even if all you know is a small observation, such as how the couple next door loves chocolate or the person across the street likes to shop at a certain store, that can be helpful in choosing a present. Consider Food Gifts That Everyone Will Enjoy Even for those occasions when you don’t know a lot about a neighbor, you can’t go wrong when giving delicious confections. Food is the kind of gift almost anyone can appreciate, filling the belly and delighting the senses. Plus, food is a legitimately useful present, unlike knick-knacks that cause clutter or other gifts that not everyone wants. Look for gourmet gifts when choosing edible presents. This way, your recipients are sure to feel special and appreciate your thought.

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