Appropriate Gifts For Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to say thanks to the educators who help shape your children’s lives. The dedicated people who teach your kids each day are worth celebrating, whether they perform their work in a bustling kindergarten classroom or in a well-appointed science lab. Here’s a look at why this holiday is such a great time to do it, along with some ideas for heartfelt gifts.


What Is Teacher Appreciation Day?

Sometimes called Teachers’ Day or National Teacher Day, Teacher Appreciation Day is an annual event that honors American educators. It exists to draw attention to the contributions educators make to students and society.

Should You Get Your Child’s Teacher a Gift?

While most teachers don’t require or expect presents, gestures of appreciation are always welcome, especially when accompanied by thoughtful notes. You might let the teacher know how much your child loves their class or how much you value the new skills your son or daughter has learned this year. Adding a tangible present will just be icing on the cake.

How to Choose the Best Teacher Appreciation Gift

To choose a truly meaningful gift, begin by considering the recipient. What does your child’s teacher like or value? What sort of gift would be most meaningful to him or her? If you know your child’s math teacher has a major sweet tooth, for example, maybe you’ll choose a luxuriously wrapped dessert. If the second grade teacher gets coffee on the way to work each morning, you could offer a gift card to a favorite shop. Consider what you know about the individual and plan your gift accordingly.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Gifts

Still need help choosing the ideal Teacher Appreciation Day gift? Here are a few key do’s and don’ts that will help you find just the right one:

  • Do consider gift cards — A little extra buying power is always a welcome reward. Keep the amount reasonable to avoid making the teacher uncomfortable and, if possible, get a gift card for a place the recipient shops.
  • Don’t give an apple — Sure, it’s cute but it’s also a cliché. Save the cheesy gift and opt for something the teacher will truly enjoy.
  • Do take advantage of gift baskets — What’s great about a Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket is that it showers the recipient with a whole array of thoughtful presents. For example, gift baskets from Mrs Prindables include delectable gourmet sweets anyone would love.
  • Do plan ahead — Running out for teacher gifts the day before you need them is a recipe for stress, not to mention less-than-ideal selections. Save yourself the headache of procrastination and shop for your gifts ahead of time.
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