Our 8 Best Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas


Rich desserts, luxurious seafood topped with silky eggs, potatoes in every preparation imaginable – this decadent meal is the epitome of Mother’s Day celebrations: brunch. While this over-the-top hybrid of breakfast and lunch is the prime time to pull out all the stops for Mom, planning the Mother’s Day Brunch menu does not have to be a high-pressure situation.

When looking for Mother’s Day brunch ideas at home, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the possible recipe options. Given that celebrations are at the center of everything we do, we’ve compiled our favorite Mother’s Day brunch meal ideas into 8 themed menus to save you some time. The ultimate Mother’s Day brunch delivers on the flavors and types of cuisines your Mom loves most. Read on for great brunch ideas for Mother’s Day!

Our Top 8 Brunch Ideas for Mother’s Day

The ultimate Mother’s Day DIY is making brunch for the special Mom in your life. Since this meal takes place earlier in the day, we’ve tried to focus on fun Mother’s Day Brunch ideas you can make ahead. If you’re not a cook, there’s no shame in assembling brunch instead – purchasing the food items online or from a local store – so we’ve also included simple Mother’s Day brunch ideas with items you could pull together quickly, as well.

Whether you’re an event planning pro or tackling this celebration for the first time, we hope our list provides you with the inspiration you need to determine how to host a Mother’s Day brunch this year. Here’s our list of top 8 menus with corresponding Mother’s Day Brunch recipe ideas:


Photo by Clementina Toso

Menu #1 – Parisian

Ooh la la! Transport Mom to Paris for the day with a delicious French-themed brunch, complete with fresh pastries, simple baked omelets, salad, fruit, a selection of French cheeses, and of course, chocolate truffles. This is our ideal menu for the Francophile: 


Photo by Derick Mckinney

Menu #2 — Beach Escape

No matter if she’s landlocked, Mom can escape to the seaside with a mouthwatering beach-themed brunch. Anywhere from Baja, the Cape, to the Florida Keys – choose her favorite coastal dishes to create an irresistible menu. Our Director of Creative Services, Sara Michaels, celebrates memories with her Mom in the sunshine state.

Sara Michaels - Mrs Prindables

Here’s our ultimate beach-themed brunch menu:


Photo by Dylan Nolte

Menu #3 – Health Nut

For Moms who live on fruits, veggies, and lean protein, you can still create a fabulous spread for Mother’s Day, with a few additional indulgences. For this menu, we recommend focusing on fresh dishes with lots of raw, light options. Check out our ideal Mother’s Day brunch for the health nut:


Photo by Patrick Perkins

Menu #4 – Best of a NY Deli

If your Mom lives for bagels, cream cheese, and lox, but couldn’t be further from New York’s best delis, you can still create a New York deli-themed brunch with items sourced locally. Luckily, good smoked salmon is fairly easy to find these days, you could also order it all online. This is a more casual and fun Mother’s Day Brunch idea as it’s encouraged that you eat everything with your hands. It’s also quick to assemble, simply arrange all the fish and toppings on one large platter. Here is our menu for the New Yorker at heart:

  • Smoked Salmon, Whitefish, and/or Sable with Cream Cheese, Capers, & Lemon Slices
  • Fresh Baked Bagels (feel free to purchase these)
  • Simple Tossed Green Salad
  • A Selection of Briny Olives (as though you plucked them from the deli olive bar)
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • Rugelach


Photo by Sebastian Coman

Menu #5 – High Tea

Delicate and delicious, an English tea is one of the best Mother’s Day brunch ideas for when Mom wants a celebration that’s slightly more formal. With everything being in miniature form, like scones, finger sandwiches, and petite tarts, dining on all the delicious little morsels is sure to make your Mom feel like a queen. Taking a traditional approach, our ultimate Mother’s Day high tea menu is as follows:


Photo by Jojo, Sharemyfood

Menu #6 – Southern Comfort

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to slow down. Southern cooking is renowned for using the right techniques to honor the best ingredients you have, including cooking slow and low, and everything is packed with flavor. A great Southern-inspired brunch celebrates American classics like roasted ham, grits, and red velvet cake; give Mom’s favorite dishes a brunch-style twist. One of our favorite lifestyle experts, Daphine Bush, shares her go-to Mother’s Day brunch menu and especially enjoys Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

Daphine Bush

This is our take on a sumptuous Southern brunch:


Photo by Lasseter Winery

Menu #7 – Tuscan Picnic

Take a trip to Italy for the day with a tempting Tuscan-style Mother’s Day brunch. Spoil Mom with scrumptious Mediterranean delicacies like figs, a cheese and charcuterie board, grilled vegetables, and buttery lemon pastries. When finished, she’ll be (almost) as happy as if she was floating in the turquois waters off the Cinque Terre coastline. Easily found across Italy, citrus is a staple in our R&D Manager, Dana Vikander’s Mother’s Day Celebration.

Dana Vikander - Mrs Prindables

Browse our Tuscan brunch menu:


Photo by Rachel Park

Menu #8 – Modern Classic

This final selection of Mother’s Day Brunch recipes is targeted towards the Mom who enjoys traditional breakfast and brunch dishes with a modern twist. We’d consider avocado toast, maple glazed bacon, and thick berry-topped Belgian waffles to fall within this category. Our Product Development Manager, Rosa Perez, likes to tuck into a plate of delicious apple-stuffed French Toast and a plethora of sides.

Rosa Perez - Mrs Prindables

This is our take on the classic Mother’s Day brunch buffet menu with some modern updates:

Where to Buy Mother’s Day Brunch Desserts

Whether serving a crowd or it’s a more intimate meal between mother and daughter, what is a list of Brunch party ideas that don’t include dessert? Sweet brunch items like waffles and pancakes border on dessert but for Mother’s Day, we like to gild the lily by adding Chocolate and Caramel Confections to the selection of brunch goodies, like truffles, Jumbo Nut Clusters, and chocolate covered Oreos™. We added a few of our favorite desserts to the menus above.

To cut down on meal prep time, you can buy Mother’s Day brunch desserts online from a variety of reputable companies. Since they’re sending perishable items, we recommend choosing an online shop that offers expedited shipping like next day or 2-day air, to ensure your Mother’s Day goodies arrive in perfect condition.

Whatever menu you choose, Mom is guaranteed to enjoy an extraordinary Mother’s Day brunch. We would be delighted to be part of your Mother’s Day celebration, Mrs Prindables offers an array of desserts like Gourmet Caramel Apples as well as Caramel and Chocolate Confections. Browse our selection of delicious Mother’s Day brunch desserts for delivery today!

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