Best Valentine's Gifts for Your Mom!

The heart-shaped celebrations of Valentine’s Day revolve around romantic affection, but that doesn’t mean other kinds of love can’t also be observed. When you look back on your life and all the people who have loved you, who is more deserving of a valentine than your mom? This year, surprise her with the kind of gift she would never expect and will always remember. Here are six fun ideas for Valentine’s gifts sure to make your mom feel loved.

  1. Personal luxuries — From bath soaps to perfume, cozy blankets to bedroom slippers, personal luxuries are the sort of things moms tend not to buy for themselves. But if Mom won’t pamper herself, you can. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to surprise her with a fun indulgence, whether it’s a designer lotion, fragrant candle or new cosmetics bag.
  2. Beautifully packaged chocolates — Nothing conveys sweet sentiments like a box or tray of delectable Confections. At Mrs Prindables, we offer a large catalog of possibilities, such as Gourmet Caramel Apples, White Chocolate Valentine Pretzel Bites, a Gourmet Truffles Heart Box and more. Every item is exquisitely wrapped, so Mom will feel appreciated when she receives it. Shop our selection of Valentine’s Day Caramel Apples.
  3. Jewelry — Whether it’s a pair of dainty earrings or a pin with her kids’ birthstones, jewelry makes a great Valentine’s gift for any mom. Consider her style and what pieces she likes best in order to choose a gift she’ll treasure.
  4. A new phone case or charger — Sometimes it’s the little things — even a cute new phone case or color-coordinated charger — that add a little dazzle to a long winter. If you see a case that looks like Mom’s style, wrap it up as a valentine.
  5. A good book — Does your mom enjoy reading? Pick up a best-selling novel and give her the gift of a good story to enjoy over the ensuing weeks. Does she love to cook? Give her a classic or trendy cookbook featuring her favorite cuisine.
  6. A framed photo — For the sentimental mom who just wants to see you as much as possible, give the gift of a photo, beautifully framed to her taste. Every time she looks at it, she’ll know how special she is to you.

On February 14, let Mom know you’re thinking about her by surprising her with something from the above list. She may not expect anything, which is exactly why she’ll love opening a Valentine’s Day gift from you.

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