How to Find the Perfect Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Gift

XOXO Caramel Apple Gift Set

Want to embrace the fun, nostalgic feelings Valentine’s Day evokes without the cheesiness that can accompany it? Each year, many of us are faced with that tough decision of what to get our significant others. Given that Valentine’s is a holiday centered around a mythical winged baby making unsuspecting people fall in love at the strike of an arrow, the usual Valentine’s Day gift selection is often overloaded with cringeworthy tchotchkes no one will remember next year.

We had it so easy as kids, where the go-to tactic was to ask your crush to, “be mine,” via a heart-carrying cartoon character printed on a paper card with a foil-wrapped chocolate taped to it. Now, many of us are looking for gifts that are equally fun and sweet, but more sophisticated. We believe it is possible to find presents that give a nod to the classic Valentine’s regalia while being a bit more grown up. 

So, how do you select a gift that accurately expresses how you feel without being cheesy? It’s about striking the right balance between pushing the envelope and keeping it personal. Read on to find out more.

What Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift fits your significant other’s personality but ups the ante with a few additional surprises. This is the opportunity to really spoil them. At Mrs Prindables, we have key principles we follow when developing gifts for our customers, that also apply to our personal lives. Our Director of Product Development, Sam Kowalczyk, suggests trying to find a gift that’s as unique as your Valentine.


No matter if it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for her or him, think of a memory you and your Valentine share and then select a present that reminds them of that time you spent together. Or, identify their favorite Valentine’s Day treats, like flowers, candy, a special dinner, but add an unexpected twist.

As Sara Michaels, our Director of Creative Services, puts it – you need to keep your ear to the ground, listen to their stories for clues, or look to their everyday interests for inspiration.


Whether purchasing your gift or making it by hand, Valentine’s Day is the prime opportunity to take your presents over-the-top. We recommend focusing on these three things:

1. Flavors - Experiment with unconventional flavor combinations that will excite your sweetheart! Maybe they are just crazy for chocolate, it is of course the most popular flavor associated with Valentine’s Day; but how about choosing a gift that combines chocolate and chili for a sweet and spicy surprise to the taste buds? Or chocolate with fruit, like gourmet chocolate covered Caramel Apples, or chocolate with raspberries? Then, your Valentine will also experience a fun combination of textures with the crisp fruit and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.

Fringed Tulips

2. Textures – Flowers are always a fantastic, traditional gift choice. Who wouldn’t love to receive a bouquet of stunning stems on Valentine’s? But there are so many fun textures to play with beyond the usual roses – try asking your florist to include more unusual flowers like Fringed Tulips, Thistle, and Green Ball Dianthus, for a more exciting arrangement.

3. Colors - Be bold! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift should be colorful, with splashes of pinks, reds, and purples – the colors of love and passion. It should be as exciting to look at as it is to enjoy. If your Valentine is more subdued, focus the color on the gift wrapping instead.

We asked some of our favorite lifestyle experts for their input on what constitutes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Daphine Bush of @simplydaph emphasizes the importance of selecting something that speaks from the heart.


A homemade gift can register as exceptionally heart-felt because of the time and thought that goes into it. For example, if you have the baking bug and want to pursue an edible gift, a delicious fresh-baked chocolate cake using a family recipe could make for a sweet gift. For a festive flourish, you could try decorating it with edible flowers or heart-shaped sprinkles.

Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Cake

Our recipe for Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Cake could be just the decadent treat to tuck into on Valentine’s Day, with the unexpected additions of salty pretzels and buttery caramel.

Cherish Kollie of @cherishsabrina echoes Sara's sentiment about picking up clues your Valentine may drop for you – just showing that you're listening can go a long way.


If you prefer to purchase your Valentine’s gift, a beautifully designed gift set or luxurious, packed-to-the-brim gift basket are both tried and true options.

Valentine’s Day Gift Sets and Baskets

Whether you’re struggling to choose a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, a gift set or basket filled with a variety of goodies is a great way to go. An impressive assembly of edible treats, like decadent confections, is a practical choice regardless of if you’re in a budding relationship or just celebrated your silver anniversary. It provides your Valentine with a variety of options they’re bound to appreciate. If you’re lucky, they’ll be willing to share their treasure trove of sweets with you too!

You can build your own Valentine’s Day gift set or basket, hand selecting each item and the packaging to present them with. There are also fine food gift companies like Mrs Prindables that will take care of this for you. Themed gift sets and baskets are available to purchase online, beautifully wrapped with satin red ribbons or gift boxes printed with charming Valentine’s Day-themed designs.

A Sprinkle of “Cheese”

If you wish to add just a sprinkling of “cheese” to your Valentine’s Day gift, a card is the perfect vessel. Etsy houses many talented vendors who sell fun, original designs that gently tease the overly sentimental perception of Valentine’s Day (with literal images of cheese!).



This is an effective way to add some laughter and levity to your Valentine’s gift as well. We may be sophisticated grown-ups, but don’t need to take ourselves too seriously.

Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery

Getting your Valentine’s Day gift delivered has long been a practical choice when finalizing the details of your present; it is a real time-saver and makes sense if your Valentine lives a long distance away. With many of us limiting how often we shop in person these days, it’s more important than ever that you can have your Valentine’s Day Gift sets delivered. 

There is a wide variety of companies you can order from online but it’s crucial to choose one that is reputable and easy to communicate with should there be any shipping delays or you need to make changes to your order. 

No matter which route you take, you’ll have no need to summon Cupid if you select a gift that pushes the envelope, whether through exciting flavors, colors, or textures, and will strike a chord with your sweetheart, personally.

We’d love to provide your Valentine’s Day gift this year. Browse our selection of delicious, unique Valentine’s Day gift sets today!


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