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The Easter season is upon us, and with it the opportunity to create custom baskets for the ones you love. Whether you’re giving Easter baskets to your own children, a favorite niece or nephew, grandkids or even a special adult, there are lots of advantages to making them yourself. Do-it-yourself Easter baskets can save money and allow you to customize each basket to the recipient. They also can feel more personal and special than prepackaged options.

To help you make a wow-worthy DIY Easter basket this year, here are four basic steps to follow:

  • Start with the container — Whether you go with a bunny-decorated basket or a simple straw design, you’ll need a container that can hold all those Easter goodies. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always use a basket you already own, or you might want to check out budget stores to see what’s available. Once you find the basket, you can get creative decorating it with paint, stickers, ribbons or whatever you like.
  • Choose your filler — Next, you’ll want to choose a filler into which you’ll nestle the candy and gifts. You can opt for the traditional green Easter “grass” sold this time of year or newer versions that come in various materials and colors. As an alternative to grass, you could use tissue paper — either crumpled or cut into strips — which you may already have at home.
  • Choose your basket contents — The most enjoyable and creative part of the DIY process is selecting goodies for your basket. Kid-friendly ideas include books, toys, coloring books and small games in addition to the usual chocolate eggs and stuffed bunnies. To make your basket really special, look for indulgent Confections that will wow your recipient, no matter how young or old. One idea that truly takes a DIY basket up a notch is an exquisitely wrapped Easter-themed Gourmet Caramel Apple from Mrs Prindables. Made from an orchard-fresh Granny Smith apple and topped by decadent caramel, this is an upscale option that anyone would love to receive on Easter morning.
  • Decide where to hide it — If you’re planning an Easter basket hunt, try hiding the basket somewhere out of the way but not too hard to find. Then, look forward to the joy on your recipient’s face when it is discovered.

The beauty of DIY Easter baskets is that they’re a unique option to store-bought versions. For a child who loves a certain superhero or movie character, you could theme the basket to those tastes. For the recipient who loves candy but hates chocolate, you can hand-pick sweets accordingly. Even better, making your own Easter baskets gives you the chance to fill them with special indulgences that aren’t available everywhere. When someone discovers a Gourmet Caramel Apple in their basket, it’s an unexpected surprise that makes Easter even more of a delight.

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