How To Make The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Basket

Father's Day Gift Basket

Not sure what to get Dad this Father’s Day? It can be a challenge to find a gift that not only expresses your genuine love and respect, but also serves as a thank you for everything he’s done for you over the years. Forget a traditional present and get creative this year with a gift basket filled with useful items and edible treats that’ll satisfy both your intentions and his expectations. Sometimes one gift just doesn’t cut it and a basket filled with a few quirky choices is more exciting than a new tie or case of beer. Keep reading for instructions and ideas on how to design and fill a gift basket that will give your Dad something to brag about to his buddies.


  1. Choose a theme using Dad’s favorite sports team, hobby, television show, snack or beverage for inspiration.
  2. Find a basket or other container, such as a jar, cooler or bucket, that suits your intended theme.
  3. Gather an armful of Dad’s favorite goodies such as gourmet gifts, alcoholic beverages, sports accessories, gift cards or even television and music subscriptions.
  4. Get crafty by decorating your basket with shrink wrap and a bow or leave it exposed for a modern look.

Father's Day Gift Basket

Gift Basket Ideas to Consider

Now comes the fun part — choosing a theme for the basket and filling it with goodies you know your Dad will love. Use your imagination to come up with small gifts that will be useful, amusing and/or delicious. Here are some ideas:

  • The golf enthusiast — Does your dad look forward to getting out on the links? Then a golf-themed basket is sure to make him smile. Add green Easter grass and nestle in some golf balls and tees along with a decadent Confection that reflects the theme.
  • The angler — If Dad spends his downtime casting fishing lines, hook his attention with goodies loaded into a creel. Include fun themed candy and gear such as gummy worms and Swedish fish, bobbers, hooks, a net and a fishing cap.
  • Primp and groom — Pamper Pops with his favorite skincare and personal products, such as aftershave, special soaps and cologne. Throw in some slippers or even a face mask for a spa-like touch.
  • Man cave-dweller — Help Dad kick back for the big game or a poker night with his friends by providing man cave essentials all tucked into a cooler. Include a new brew you think he’ll enjoy, a set of beer glasses or coasters, salty snacks and gourmet goodies such as Mrs Prindables Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels. Available in three-, four-, nine- and 10-piece sets, our crunchy pretzel rods are drenched in caramel then hand-dipped and drizzled with various chocolates.
  • Pit master — Give the king of the barbeque grilling tools, savory spice rubs and smoking chips to enhance his arsenal. Tuck it all in a bark-covered bin with some flame-resistant oven mitts and an personalize apron for a sizzling Father’s Day gift basket.

Going the extra mile to personally create a gift from the heart shows Dad how much he really means to you. Mrs Prindables’ delectable sweets will put the finishing touch on any Father’s Day gift basket. Check out our online catalog today.

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