Show Your Co-Workers Appreciation With Something Sweet

If you’re lucky enough to have co-workers you enjoy, why not express your appreciation to them from time to time? Kindness in the workplace goes a long way toward creating a happier, more harmonious environment. Whether it’s for a holiday, special event or random weekday, you can’t go wrong offering sweet indulgences.

Consider the following tips for showing appreciation to co-workers.

Do’s and Don’ts of Gift Giving to Co-Workers

No matter where you work or what your co-workers are like, there are some etiquette principles to remember when giving gifts.

  • DO think about the recipient. It’s always wise to consider the person to whom you’re giving a gift and what he or she likes/dislikes. Is your deskmate allergic to nuts? Did your fellow team member say how much she loves chocolate? Pay attention to people to know what kind of gifts they’ll appreciate.
  • DON’T be overly personal. Generally speaking, your co-workers are not your most intimate friends, so avoid gifts that feel too personal — such as lotion, perfume, clothing, jewelry or anything to be put on the body.
  • DO feel free to give gift cards; DON’T give cash. Even though money makes the world go ’round, it typically comes across as impersonal and awkward between co-workers. Gift cards, on the other hand, offer you a way to show thought (remembering your co-worker likes coffee or new music, for example).
  • DON’T go overboard with what you spend. While generosity is a good thing, surprising a co-worker with an extravagant gift is a surefire way to make him or her uncomfortable. Don’t go crazy with what you spend on a co-worker gift, but do be thoughtful in what you buy.

The Benefits of Giving Gourmet Apples

For the perfect co-worker gift, it’s hard to beat the appeal of Gourmet Caramel Apples. At Mrs Prindables, we offer a wide variety of Caramel Apples and Caramel Apple Gift Baskets, all of which can be sent to 10-plus recipients to simplify your shopping. Surprise your entire team with gourmet gifts after a project ends, or pick out Gift Baskets for all of your co-workers at the holiday season. With Mrs Prindables, it’s easy to show your colleagues how much you value their support, through one-stop shopping with us online.

How Simple Acts of Kindness Improve the Workplace

There are so many benefits that come from practicing kindness on the job. When you treat co-workers with respect, you create an environment where people like working and want to stay. You also encourage others to be thoughtful and generous, which makes for a better workplace for everyone.

To effortlessly put smiles on co-workers’ faces, consider bringing a Caramel Apple Gift Basket or sending Jumbo Caramel Apples to all the people on your team! When they bite into their gourmet goods, they’re sure to feel a mood boost — and know you value them.

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