The Mrs Prindables Complete Guide to Corporate Gifting

Guide to Corporate Gifting

Companies often give client and employee gifts to celebrate or commemorate a specific occasion, or simply demonstrate their appreciation. However, it can be a challenge for businesses to find items that meet all the criteria of a great gift:

  • It’s impressive
  • Fun but not cheesy
  • Personal but appropriate for the workplace

Making sure your gift checks these boxes helps ensure you achieve your goals for giving gifts in the first place.

When deciding whether to give gifts, companies typically weigh the benefits against the costs. Giving a corporate gift helps businesses stay top-of-mind over their competition with customers, it has been proven to increase employee productivity*, as well as helps build and maintain relationships.

In developing a cadence for giving corporate gifts, we recommend strategically selecting opportunities where a gift is most appropriate and relevant. It can dilute the special-ness of receiving the gift, not to mention, become expensive if you’re giving them too often.

To aid you in your corporate gift search, we developed the Mrs Prindables Complete Guide to Corporate Gifting, a resource that you can use to ensure you are choosing the right gifts and sending them at the right time. Check out our the guide to dive into:

  • The value of giving corporate gifts
  • Occasions where it makes sense to give a corporate gift
  • Choosing the right corporate gifts, including gift ideas by budget
  • Pointers for how best to send corporate gifts

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*Source: Fisman, Ray. “Forget About That Cash Bonus.” Harvard Business Review. March 04, 2013.  (par. 1-10) (Date Accessed: 8/20/2021)

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