The Perfect Graduation Party Menu

Graduation parties are a time for celebrating your graduate’s academic achievements, not stressing over the party-planning process. When you have so many people to please, trying to plan a graduation menu can be tricky. These tips to creating the perfect graduation party menu can help make your hosting process stress-free and ensure your party is a tasty success. Let Mrs Prindables take care of your Class of 2024 Grad Party.


When throwing a party that hosts guests young and old, choosing beverages to appease the whole crowd can be challenging. An affordable option for including adult beverages is a mixed drink punch, along with bottled water and sodas. Elect for cans of soda instead of liters, as leftover soda in partially used bottles will go to waste sooner than individual cans.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can set up a more extensive bar, allowing adults to make their own cocktails using the cans of soda you already plan to buy for mixers. Purchasing a keg of one type of beer is also a good option as opposed to buying several packs or kinds.


Appetizers: Finger foods are the ideal option for keeping guests busy during the first few hours of the party. You can place trays of tasty bites such as deviled eggs, cheese and crackers, or pigs-in-a-blanket in different places of the house or backyard to spread the crowd and encourage guests to mingle. Chips or crackers with dip are also a great option because you can get a fair variety without breaking the bank.

Main course: When it comes to the main course, simplicity is key. Serve something you can prepare several days in advance and pairs well with a few easy side dishes. Meat sliders, for example, are a crowd-pleasing dish that are also not difficult to prepare. Other sandwiches, such as pulled pork or chicken, are great options that can be made and served in a slow cooker, where guests can help themselves to condiments of their choosing. Alongside a pasta dish, salad and some cut fruit, this makes for the perfect well-rounded meal with something to please every guest.


Sweets make it easy to please a crowd, especially because you can find great platters and arrangements at the grocery store on the cheap, and simple to bake in bulk if you like to go the homemade route. Brownies or cookies served with ice cream on a hot summer day make for a great dessert option. Otherwise, a large sheet cake can feed a crowd. Many times, the bakery in your local grocery store can do custom designs or writing on the cake.

The best way to add that extra bit of celebration to your party spread is with Graduation Caramel Apples from Mrs Prindables. Whether it’s a Gift Basket or a Graduation Jumbo Caramel Apple, these gourmet sweets are the perfect addition to your dessert table and a great way to congratulate a grad. Browse our mouthwatering selection of Graduation Caramel Apples to find the best gift or party tray for your gathering!


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