Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Buying a new home is a big milestone, and bringing a gift to a loved one’s new place is a thoughtful way to acknowledge this major transition. Here are several ideas for fun and practical housewarming gifts your friends and family members will love.

Décor Pieces

Moving into a new apartment or house is a great opportunity to redecorate and make an unfamiliar place homey. Though you most likely won’t have much say in the design of your friends’ new home, a small decorative item that cozies up the place is a thoughtful gift. Here are some ideas that won’t clash with their planned décor, but will add a welcome bit of warmth to their home:

  • Houseplants, such as pothos, spider plants or succulents
  • Throw blankets
  • Scented candles
  • Coasters
  • Picture frames

Practical Gift Baskets

While flowers and wine are great housewarming gestures, consider taking the practical route by gifting the new homeowners with useful items they will always need and regularly use. Assemble a gift basket of cleaning supplies, such as all-purpose cleaners, solvents and sponges. Or encourage self-care by presenting them with a bundle of soaps, lotions and bath salts. Tool kits filled with essentials such as a screw driver, measuring tape and hammer also make a great gift for new homeowners.

Gift Cards

One of the biggest challenges of gift-giving — especially for a housewarming — is not being sure what your friends need. New kitchen towels are great in theory, but as a very practical item, the new homeowners probably already have several. So, instead of choosing a present they will likely return or stow away unused, give gift cards for home improvement or department stores. Though a less personal option, the new homeowners will be able to buy something of their choice or put the value of the card toward a bigger project. Another option for friends who are moving to a new town is to introduce them to the community with a gift card to the movie theater or a popular local restaurant.

Home-Baked or Gourmet Confections

Bread is a traditional housewarming gift, symbolizing the wish that the family will never go hungry. Put a twist on that custom or kick it up a notch by bringing homemade goods. Maybe that’s a loaf of fresh-baked bread and a jar of locally sourced jam or a tray of your family’s signature chocolate chip cookies. If baking isn’t your strong suit, bring a coffee cake or assortment of goodies from a local bakery.

Your friends or family members will appreciate any token of kindness you give during this eventful time. But when you really want to impress, consider a gift that’s both delectable and visually stunning — such as a Congratulations Petite Caramel Apple Tray or Classic Caramel Apple Gift Basket from Mrs Prindables. Browse our delightful selection of housewarming gifts and other sweet options today!

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