Tips to Thank Your Host With These Thoughtful Gifts

Tips to Thank Your Host With These Thoughtful Gifts When someone shows you the kindness of inviting you for dinner or giving you a place to stay, it’s only appropriate to communicate your appreciation. One of the best and most impactful ways to do this is with a hostess gift! To help you think about finding the kind of hostess gifts that anyone would appreciate, here’s a look at some of the do’s and don’ts of what to bring, as well as suggestions for how to give and receive gifts graciously.

Do’s and Don’ts of Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

You know what people say about giving: It’s the thought that counts. When it comes to hostess gifts, this is especially true. The thought you put into your present is exactly what makes it meaningful. With that in mind, here are a few basic etiquette tips to remember so you can bring a delightful gift to a friend’s home:

  • DO pick something that fits the recipient. It’s always appropriate to think about the individual for whom you’re buying a gift. Does he like a certain kind of whiskey? Is she allergic to nuts? Use what you know about the person to guide your shopping.
  • DON’T bring flowers. Fresh bouquets are lovely, but they typically require the recipient to stop everything to arrange their blooms in a vase. Whatever you give your host should lighten the load, not add to it. If you want to give flowers, send them the day after the party, when your host is freer to enjoy them.
  • DO bring wine — if it’s for later. Wine can make a great hostess gift, as long as you tell the recipient it’s something to be enjoyed later. If you bring a drink and expect it to be served immediately, you put your host on the spot to change plans and disrupt the menu.
  • DON’T bring homemade food. Even if you make great cookies or a heavenly chocolate cake, don’t bring it as a hostess gift. When you offer something homemade, it can make the host feel pressure to serve it, no matter what you say.
  • DO offer a gourmet gift basket. The right way to bring a food gift is with a gift basket of lovely items, such as festively wrapped Gourmet Caramel Apples or a large assortment of Confections. This sort of present isn’t immediately perishable and can be enjoyed by your host at any time.


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The Etiquette of Giving and Receiving Hostess Gifts

Whether you attend dinner parties all the time or are new to entertaining, it’s always helpful to review basic etiquette. Here are a few key tips for when and how to give and receive hostess gifts:

  • Don’t be showy when giving a gift. Especially when you attend a dinner party with multiple guests, you don’t want to show off that you brought a gift if others didn’t. Discreetly hand your present to your host, maybe quickly at the front door when you’re greeted, for example, and quietly say thanks for the invitation.
  • Always be gracious when receiving one. If someone brings you a hostess gift, respond kindly and simply. Say thank you for the present and mention how you’ll look forward to opening it later; then quickly transition to another topic, such as introducing your guests to one another.
  • Don’t open gifts at the party. Any hostess gifts you receive should be set aside for later, not opened in front of your crowd. Again, those who didn’t bring gifts shouldn’t be made to feel awkward.
  • Hostess gifts don’t require thank you notes. By nature, hostess gifts express appreciation, so writing a note of thanks for them would be like thanking someone for thanking you. Instead, the next day, after opening the gift, you can write a quick email or text of appreciation to let the giver know you liked it.

Spending time with loved ones is one of the best parts of life, at the holidays and year-round. When you attend or host parties, keep the above tips in mind for gift giving. The only thing better than enjoying time together is knowing how to give and receive thanks as you do.

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