What are Corporate Gifts and Why are They Important?

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While you’re most likely familiar with the concept of a “gift,” a corporate gift can have a variety of meanings depending on your business and role within it. Most often, corporate gifts are items of value presented by a company to employees or clients to celebrate or commemorate an occasion, or simply demonstrate that they are valued.

Types of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can come in a wide variety of forms with a range of uses, but generally fall into one of these 4 categories:

  1. Desk Tchotchke
  2. Apparel or Bag
  3. Specialty Foods/Beverages
  4. Voucher for Monetary Gift or Donation

Why Give a Corporate Gift?

When deciding whether to give gifts to clients and employees, companies typically weigh the benefits against the costs. 

To assist in that decision-making, here are our top 3 reasons for giving corporate gifts:

Person_Running_Icon1. Outpace the competition

Surprising customers with a thoughtful gift can help your company stay ahead of your competitors. Especially if you’re in an industry that’s saturated with companies that supply the same product or service that you do, showing customers that you value their business through a corporate gift can give you the competitive edge you need.

A periodic gift can also instill loyalty among employees to help prevent them from being scooped up by your company’s competitors.

Head_Icon2. Increase productivity

Gift giving is a kind act of generosity, and studies show that physical gifts motivate employees more than cash bonuses because they feel like their organization cares about them. The Harvard Business Review sites a study where library employees increased productivity by 25% at the promise of a gift, ahead of the employees who were offered a cash bonus and cataloging significantly more books than employees who weren’t offered anything.

The increase in productivity a company can gain could easily offset the price of the gift, making it a win-win for you and your team.

Handshake_Icon3. Build stronger relationships

Giving clients gifts on a strategic-basis can show them that you appreciate their time and the business they give you. Corporate gifting is an effective way to strengthen your relationship with customers, keeping you at the top of their list when it comes time to reorder or renew their contract.

When closing a new deal, delivering a corporate gift to commemorate the occasion can help ensure the partnership gets off to a great start, especially if it was a long road to get to that point. Celebrating the partnership demonstrates to the customer that earning their business wasn’t simply another transaction for you.

The same concept applies for employees – a reward in the form of a gift demonstrates that you’re grateful for their hard work and can further motivate and incentivize them. Treating team members to a gift at key milestones, like a work anniversary or birthday, can help your company create a more positive corporate culture.

Ordering Corporate Gifts with Mrs Prindables

We understand that giving a corporate gift is not just about checking a task off your to-do list. It’s about nurturing relationships with both clients and employees – showing appreciation. Whether you want to celebrate a work anniversary, commemorate a deal, or send “seasons greetings,” we can help you find memorable, high-quality gifts and have been providing customers with delicious edible corporate gifts for 35 years.

Our Corporate Gifting team can help you select the perfect products to suit your needs. We have gifts at every price point, so no matter your budget, you can deliver a thoughtful treat your recipients are sure to enjoy. We can also create custom gifts to showcase your brand. All gifts can include a personal message from you, as well. Simply send us your recipient list using our convenient order form and we will handle your order and delivery.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team at 888.544.0583 or Corporate@MrsPrindables.com today!

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