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Anniversaries are special. They represent not only love but a milestone worthy of celebration. Whether you want to share something sweet with your sweetheart or desire an anniversary-themed dessert for a family party, you’ll find that irresistible Gourmet Caramel Apples and other delectable selections from Mrs. Prindables are perfect.

MRS PRINDABLES offers a wide variety of choices, from a beautiful Bride and Groom Caramel Apple to an anniversary Gift Basket. Candy anniversary gifts include a Gourmet Truffles Heart Box or a Natural Caramels Heart Box. Surprise your married children with an anniversary Gift Set that commemorates their love, or deliver a decadent chocolate anniversary gift to the friends who had you in their wedding party years ago. Each and every anniversary gift from Mrs Prindables is handcrafted to communicate a sense of thoughtfulness and care. As you and your spouse — or another couple you love — enjoy our gourmet chocolate gifts and Caramel Apples, it’s the perfect chance to reflect on all of those happy years together.

Gourmet Caramel and Chocolate Apples to Celebrate Years of Love

Whether you’re marking an anniversary with a big bash or an intimate gathering, there’s never a bad time for our iconic Gourmet Caramel Apples. As the original creator of these luxurious desserts, Mrs Prindables knows better than anyone else what defines quality. Each Caramel Apple we create features an orchard-fresh Granny Smith apple, smooth homemade caramel and the best quality of nuts. On top of that, we’ve created custom designs for anniversaries and themed packaging suited for the occasion. If you’re thinking of a gourmet anniversary chocolate gift, consider, for instance, a Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Congratulations Jumbo Carmel Apple. And remember, our Caramel Apples are big enough to share. They are designed to slice and serve, making them perfect options to sweeten and commemorate your special day.

The Perfect Gift: A Bride and Groom Anniversary Caramel Apple

Every couple is unique, so it can be difficult to know what to get someone for a wedding anniversary. What makes specially designed gifts from Mrs Prindables perfect is that their appeal is universal. Whether you order a gourmet chocolate delivery for your special someone or choose our classic Wedding Story Caramel Apples and Confection Gift Set, you can’t go wrong with our delectable gifts. Who doesn’t love decadent desserts?

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For more than three decades, Mrs Prindables has delighted customers with only the finest Caramel Apples, Gourmet Chocolate gifts and other confections. Every indulgent gift we offer is a true testament to what sets us apart as a creator of gourmet specialty foods.

Each anniversary-themed item is expertly wrapped to make a big impression on its recipient. Whether you’re sending greetings to loved ones or preparing to host a wedding anniversary party, you can count on our items to be delivered directly to the locations you specify on the arrival date of your choosing. We ship quickly, accurately and, when desired, to multiple addresses for you. Look through the luscious anniversary-themed products we offer on this page, then place your order today.

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