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When tested, she can summon the strength to lift a car, juggle an unfathomable number of conflicting activities, she’s the metaphorical glue that helps hold a family together, and she deserves it all on Mother’s Day. Although it’s nice to recognize how much of a hero Mom is more than once a year, Mother’s Day is the day to make it all about her. This means, under no circumstances should she be driving anyone to flute lessons, but Mom should also be showered with sweet gestures. If you can’t make it home for Mother’s Day or would like to save a trip to the store, it’s practical and easy to have thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts delivered.

Whether you’re searching for Mother’s Day gifts for Mom or Grandma, there is an array of high quality, unique Mother’s Day gifts available online. The sheer variety of options can be overwhelming but with a little digging, you can find the perfect gift, and have it delivered to your door or directly to Mom.

To save you some legwork, we’ve pulled together our list of top gift choices. The ultimate Mother’s Day gifts available for delivery are variations of the traditional Mother’s Day presents with an element of surprise. Read on for our top Mother’s Day gift ideas!

The 10 Best Gifts for Mom to Have Delivered

The ultimate Mother’s Day gifts reflect Mom’s personality – they show you pay attention to her interests and what would make her happy on her big day. When shopping online, you have access to an amazing variety of gifts that you may not be able to source locally. We encourage you to take advantage of this when having your gifts delivered by focusing on Mother’s Day gifts that offer something she may not have seen before. 

From edible gifts to activities you can enjoy with Mom, here is our list of the top Mother’s Day gifts that can be purchased online and delivered:


1. Mother’s Day Gift Baskets  It’s hard to beat a food gift basket bursting with Mom’s favorite treats. You can have a themed Mother’s Day gift basket delivered that’s specifically designed to her tastes, whether she has a sweet tooth, prefers salty snacks, or a combination of the two. If you’re looking for unique Mother’s Day baskets, there are varieties filled with more unconventional items like Caramel Apples. Or, if you prefer homemade Mother’s Day Gift baskets, you can select the basket as well as the individual components and have them delivered to create your own gift basket. You could also make your own goodies to fill a basket with, like our recipe for Chocolate Pretzel Crispy Cereal Treats.


Source: statebags.com

2. Personalized Tote – The ideal carryall for the busy mom, you can find the perfect tote to fit her personality. To further personalize, you could add her initials and embroidered embellishments, like with the tie dye tote bag above from State; 45% of the materials used to make it were recycled and each bag purchased supports the company’s giving initiatives, including donating fully packed backpacks to kids in need. What mom wouldn’t get behind that? We also love the tie dye print as it reminds us of our new Paint it Spring Caramel Apple Gift Tray.


Source: williamsonoma.com

3. Brunch – Synonymous with the holiday, you can have everything you need for a delicious Mother’s Day brunch at home delivered anywhere in the U.S. Kits like this B​reakfast Favorites Gift Bag includes Damson, Walnut, & Apple as well as Hazelnut, Milk & Nougat spreads that are perfect for slathering onto buttery croissants; leave it to William Sonoma to deliver pristine frozen croissants you can bake for Mom on the day. Or, if you’d like to incorporate something more homemade, there are also easy-to-follow bagel making kits you could order.


4. Mother’s Day Caramel Apples – Decadent yet fresh Mother’s Day desserts, Gourmet Caramel Apples are a special gift for Moms who have an affinity for sweets. At Mrs Prindables, we offer a variety to choose from – including individually wrapped Caramel Apples in floral gift boxes or chocolate-dipped Caramel Apples with purple chocolate hearts. Completely handmade, they’re a special treat to present Mom as a token of your appreciation.


Source: shopterrain.com

5. Tree or Plant – Ever need to extend Mom an olive branch, how about an olive tree (during our teenage years, anyone)? A witty and creative way to show her how much you care, a small olive tree like the one above from Terrain would make a unique addition to her garden. If Mom has a green thumb, gifting something she can plant with you on Mother’s Day makes the present even more special since she can enjoy it and think of you for years to come.


Source: cocktailcourier.com

6. Cocktail Kit – If Mom likes to imbibe in extraordinary cocktails, you can have a kit delivered with everything you need to create a special Mother’s Day elixir. Cocktail Courier crafted their Garden Patch Spritz kit above specially for Mother’s Day, complete with mint syrup, strawberry puree, prosecco, bitters, and a lemon. What’s great about this kit is you can customize the quantity if it’s just for Mom or everyone attending the Mother’s Day celebration. All you need are the glasses.


Source: sephora.com

7. Face Massager – If in-person massages aren’t an option, a face massaging tool like the Jade Tension Melting Massager for Face & Neck above from Sephora is a great alternative. No stranger to stress, the stone on this massager is meant to revive Mom’s skin and muscles. It may become more difficult for the kids to read her face when they’re in trouble but will leave Mom feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 


8. Candies – What better way to treat Mom than with a gorgeous selection of her favorite candies? From a beautiful gift box of gourmet caramels and truffles to a miniature trunk of sophisticated gummies, there are so many unique candy choices to choose from. At Mrs Prindables, we offer decadent truffle flavors like champagne and dark chocolate sea salt. Mom can delight in a delicious variety of tastes and textures.


Source: shopterrain.com

9. Flowers – No boring blooms here! You can have a bouquet of flowers worthy of a still life painting delivered this Mother’s Day. Online shops like Terrain offer a wide variety of pre-designed arrangements that are sure to wow Mom this year, each one featuring a unique selection of stems. The colors and smells of the gorgeous bouquet are guaranteed to make her feel like a Botticelli-era goddess.


Source: etsy.com/shop/ThePottedGeranium

10. Custom Cutting Board – If your Mom more than dabbles in the kitchen, she knows there’s no such thing as too many cutting boards. If she’s more sentimental, the custom cutting board like the one above from Etsy is a great gift idea for Mom or Grandma where you can send the shop owner outlines of your kids’ handprints to etch into the board. She’ll have a sweet reminder of the ones she holds most dear every time she slices a zucchini.

Where to Buy Mother’s Day Gifts

Buying Mother’s Day gifts online offers you the best selection as well as convenience of having the gifts shipped directly to you. These days, there are many online food and gift companies to choose from; we recommend selecting a company or online market that is more established with reliable reviews and a larger social following to see how they engage with customers should an issue arise. 

To ensure your order arrives in time for Mother’s Day, we also suggest selecting a delivery date that’s a few days before Mother’s Day, in case there are any shipping delays. If you need fast delivery, many online shops offer expedited shipping like next day and 2-day air.

Whichever gifts you select, it’s all about making Mom smile by surprising her with something unexpected. We would love to be part of your Mother’s Day celebration, Mrs Prindables offers an array of Gourmet Caramel Apple gifts as well as Caramel and Chocolate Confections. Browse our selection of delicious Mother’s Day Gifts for delivery today!

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