5 Reasons to Send Caramel Apples to Someone You Love

When you’re unable to celebrate a special occasion in person, or simply want to let someone know they’re on your mind, send a sweets delivery! Although customary to physically gather with friends and family, sending Gourmet Caramel Apple gifts when you can’t be there is a thoughtful alternative. While social distancing at home, it’s more important than ever to find ways to connect with loved ones. 
When it comes to sending food Gift Baskets, particularly sweet treats, we know there are endless options to choose from – here are 5 reasons to send Caramel Apples to someone you love: 
1. Love Is Never on Lockdown
You may not be physically present with loved ones, but there are still lots of ways to show affection. The preparation and presentation of food has long been an expression of love throughout the world. Along with phone calls, video chats, text messages, and letters, you can ship delicious, comforting food gifts to family and friends’ doorsteps. What better way to communicate that you miss someone than with a beautifully wrapped Gourmet Gift Basket delivery? Caramel Apples, specifically, have all the makings of an ideal comfort food – creamy caramel, crisp apples, crunchy toppings; they're a hug for the senses. 
2. Caramel Apples can be Sent from the Comfort of Home
You may want to send a sweet edible gift but don’t have a local confectionery nearby. Also, going to the post office to send gifts can be time-consuming. Caramel Apple companies like Mrs Prindables make it easy to order Caramel Apples online, from the comfort of home, and have Gourmet Caramel Apples delivered anywhere in the U.S. within days. When placing your Caramel Apple order online, you can typically include a personalized gift message, sending well-wishes or kind words, along with a scrumptious dessert delivery.
3. Caramel Apples are Appropriate for any Occasion
Caramel Apples are no longer a treat reserved just for Fall. You can find Gourmet Caramel Apples decorated for any season, holiday, life event, or just because. Whether dressed up in chocolate tuxedos, birthday bows, or adorned with summery sprinkles, there are Caramel Apples to complement any reason you have for reaching out to a loved one. Additionally, because these sweets feature fresh apples, they are a slightly healthier alternative to other desserts.
4. Caramel Apples Have a Longer Shelf Life
Compared to treats like cakes, which generally stay fresh for only a few days, Caramel Apples have a longer shelf life. While best enjoyed soon after receipt, if your loved one is unable to enjoy their Caramel Apples immediately, or wants to savor them over time, the apples can be placed in the refrigerator and will typically remain fresh for two weeks. However, please just ensure your recipient does not freeze their Caramel Apples.
5. Caramel Apples Have Mass Appeal
Comfort can often be found in the familiar. Unlike trendier food gifts, Caramel Apples are a classic treat and have been enjoyed in the U.S. for more than 70 years, with the first Gourmet Caramel Apple invented by Mrs Prindables in 1985. While still a unique choice compared to ever-present sweets like cakes and cookies, Caramel Apples appeal to both kids and adults – it’s difficult not to delight, at any age, in the juicy-sweet-tart crunch that can only be found in a Caramel Apple. For optimal enjoyment, check out our cutting and serving instructions.

Ideas for Where to Send Caramel Apples 

From out-of-town relatives to local friends, anyone is sure to appreciate a special gift in the mail. Ask yourself: Who could use a pick-me-up? Maybe you could send a new mom a tray of Gourmet Caramel Apples bedecked with beautiful bows. Or, perhaps you surprise your parents with a Gourmet Gift Basket delivery. So many people are keeping the world running right now — healthcare workers, first responders, delivery people, grocery-store clerks, and other essential personnel. That means there are endless opportunities to send delicious greetings. You can make a difference in a strange time with your thoughtful gifts.

Gourmet Gift Basket Delivery at Mrs Prindables

At Mrs Prindables, we offer a full array of Gourmet Baskets and Caramel Apples. As the inventor of Gourmet Caramel Apples 35 years ago, we’re proud to provide the highest-quality treats in every package we send.
Our Caramel Apples start with orchard-fresh Granny Smiths and are covered with homemade caramel and premium nuts. Plus, we make all kinds of baskets and trays loaded with gourmet goods, offering plenty of ideas to delight people you know with unique gifts. Shop today!
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